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Renting an appropriately sized waste container is an often overlooked aspect of any medium to large sized residential or commercial renovation project. Given the fact that improper removal of industrial waste can cost you quite a bit in fees and inconvenience, finding the right size and type of dumpster can be an important step to expedite the renovation process.  What type of materials can be placed in the average waste bin?

·         Landscaping Waste

·         Construction Waste

·         Shingles / Roofing Waste

·         Soil / Dirt / Leaves

·         Drywall

Long story short, most waste you’re going to run into with the average home renovation project can be put into a waste container.  Of course there are some capacities and waste restrictions you should be aware of as well – for example toxic or medical waste as well as paint buckets is usually excluded from the average rental company in Ottawa.  Before confirm your dumpster type and size, be sure to know the quantity and type of waste you’re dealing with.  You are probably not allowed to fill the container to maximum capacity so always keep that in mind when you are estimating your junk haul.

In general though, dumpsters vary in size from 10 to 40 yards and 4 to 6 feet in terms of height. Prior to actually booking your drop off date make sure you know the exact spot it’s going to be delivered. Most roll off dumpster trucks will not place it down on an area that isn’t smooth or lacking clearance. Each company has different policies so make sure to confirm what is acceptable to them before actually booking your drop off and pick up time. Finally, if you are unsure about any of the above specifications my best recommendation is to ask your local Ottawa waste removal experts what they think. Often times they deal with similar projects – removal of an old deck, basement clean out or remodel, roofing, landscaping – they’ve likely seen it all and can make appropriate size estimates better than you.

Posted by kanye at March 20, 2015

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Preparing to paint your own house is a process I never really took seriously and it cost me time and money in the end. I always just set a time, got the paint, moved everything out of the way and got to work. I assume this is what many residents do, but definitely not what an Ottawa painting contractor would recommend.  There are some pretty basic tips good house painters use that mitigate common problems and we’ve summarized them below.

Paint Quality

Using low quality paint means it will just take more time to complete your project. The quality of the pigments in the paint itself will also be sub-par which can lead to an uneven coat and the need to go back and touch it up. We recommend biting the bullet and investing in a better paint product up front. Not only will it save you from a headache, but your hard work will last longer.

Prepare The Area

Dripping paint on your sofa, carpet or hardwood is definitely something many amateur painters have done before and it can be a huge inconvenience. Get the area you’re going to paint ready before you get your brush wet and you’ll minimize the chances of this happening. Move all the large pieces of furniture to the centre of the room, remove important art of electronics and ideally drape them in old sheets. If you end up hiring an Ottawa painting company, they will definitely help you with this process.

Clean the Area

Painting over dust, dirt and other small pieces on your walls, doors and ceilings is a sure-way to make sure you get a mediocre and uneven paint job.  Wipe down baseboards, walls and doors with a warm cloth first and you’ll remove most of this residue that if ignored will just prolong your painting project and result in a weak finishing touch. Professional Ottawa house painters obviously have years of experience and tons more tips but for the average home-owner or even tenant that needs to get a job done fast, and have it last and look decent, implementing these tips are not only fast, but can ensure success.…